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APS Application Process
  • Active Membership: Sponsorship (Proposer and Seconder) by two APS members in good standing (dues current). Both the Proposer and the Seconder must be Active members of the APS.
  • Honorary Membership: Sponsorhip (Proposer and Seconder) by two APS Members. The Proposer and/or Seconder may be Active, Emeritus or Honorary Members in good standing (dues current for Active Members).
    • NOTE: APS Officers and Council Members are NOT eligible to propose or second nominations.

  • Complete the application, including the Proposer's essay and the Seconder's letter, and submit to the APS Central Office together with:
    • Application completed by Proposer, and signed by both the Proposer and the Seconder,
    • The nominee’s current Curriculum Vitae (CV) and complete Bibliography, and
    • Two representative papers authored by the candidate.
APS Membership Pricing
(All prices are in US dollars)
Member Type Dues for 2018 Journal
Active $400.00 Included with Dues
$99.00 (optional)
$99.00 (optional)