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June 2016


Dr. Eichler is an Associate Professor of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School. He is trained in Neurology and Neurogenetics with a focus in neurodegenerative disorders. He was a Neurogenetics Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins and is currently Director of the Leukodystrophy Service at MGH. He recently became Director of the Center for Rare Neurological Diseases at MGH. Dr. Eichler runs a laboratory at MGH that explores the relationship of mutant genes to specific biochemical defects and their contribution to neurodegeneration. His laboratory has extensive experience in various molecular techniques, as he is frequently assessing gain and loss of function questions in genetic disease models.

Dr. Eichler identified two neurotoxic desoxysphingoid bases that accumulate in mutant transgenic mice and humans with HSAN1. For this work he received the Wolfe Neuropathy Research Prize from the American Neurological Association in 2009. Dr. Eichler is also the principal investigator of several NIH-funded studies on neurogenetic disorders as well as a gene therapy trial of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). He serves as chair of the consortium ALD Connect that received the RARE Champion of Hope award for rare disease advocacy and collaborative sciences in 2015. Recently he became the Director of the Center for Rare Neurological Diseases at MGH.

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