spr logo What it Means to be an SPR Member

The SPR Council recognizes that most of our researchers wear multiple hats, necessitating alliance with more than one group for optimal research and career development. The Society for Pediatric Research provides a unique and special value because we bring together a diversity of people who are all focused on improving the health of our children through high quality research. We are fulfilling our mission of “creating a network of multidisciplinary researchers to improve child health” in multiple ways that bring value to you, your research and your patients:

  • Providing a forum for research presentation and discussion: SPR remains highly committed to encouraging the research endeavors of members like you. Through the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual Meeting, we provide a forum for presentation of research with access to other professionals with a wide range of training backgrounds. This is increasingly important for developing good translational research that reaches across subspecialty barriers.
  • Development of our future physician-scientists: We also continue to support the development of our future and current scientists through various specialized programs and networking opportunities, and we recognize outstanding achievements through SPR sponsored awards. Our Fellows' section has been so successful that we have expanded it to include junior faculty in their first 3 years and it is now the SPR Junior Member Section.
  • Advocacy for child health research: We continue to significantly increase our efforts in advocating for pediatric science. We are working with both the Pediatric Policy Council (PPC) and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) to make sure that our lawmakers understand the value of dedicating resources towards medical research.

Additional benefits:
  • Attain international recognition as a productive and independent investigator in pediatrics and child health
  • Opportunities to serve as abstract reviewer, session Moderator, or Discussant at the PAS Annual Meeting
  • Propose concepts for scientific sessions, workshops, and Special Interest Groups for the PAS Annual Meeting
  • Support and encourage your fellows to apply for membership in the SPR Junior Section
  • Serve on SPR Council and committees
  • Subscription to the society journal (Pediatric Research)
  • Access to on-line membership directory and other member's only web-based tools
  • Representation in national organizations, including: Association of American Medical Colleges/ Council of Academic Societies, National Association of Biomedical Research, American Board of Pediatrics Nominating Societies, and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • Representation in Washington, DC through the Public Policy Council, which combines the advocacy efforts of the SPR, the American Pediatric Society, the Association of Medical School Department Chairs, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Academic Pediatric Society
  • Vote in Society elections