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In This Issue: President's Corner
David A. Imgram photo SPR President
David A. Ingram, MD
Dear Colleagues,

With this SPR's President's newsletter, I would like to briefly update you on the recent activities of our Society and encourage you to attend the exciting schedule of scientific programs planned for the PAS meeting, which will be held in Washington D.C. this spring.

As noted in our last newsletter, an important issue that was addressed during our Fall Council Meeting in 2012 was age limits for both Society membership and eligibility for SPR officer positions. It was also mentioned in our last newsletter that other medical societies recently re-examined these age related issues particularly in the context of the extended length of time necessary to establish an independent research career as extramural funding becomes more difficult to obtain. Many of these societies, including the American Society of Clinical Investigation, in fact raised the age limit requirement for membership. With this in mind, the council elected to propose a ballot to our society members this past winter to increase the age limit for both membership and officer positions by five years. By an overwhelming margin, the SPR membership elected to change the by-laws of our constitution to implement these age limit changes. I want to thank our membership for their voter participation on this important initiative and encourage our members to remember these changes in 2013 in nominating their colleagues for SPR membership, officers, and council positions.

In many of our prior newsletters, I have highlighted the important work of the Public Policy Council in advocating for a number of initiatives that are vital to our society including NIH Funding. This past March, Dr. John Schreiber, who is one of our SPR representatives on the Public Policy Council, participated in a "Washington Fly-In Day" under the organizational structure of FASEB to lobby for increased NIH funding with our elected officials.

As you may recall, the SPR recently became an active partner with FASEB, which represents a large and diverse biomedical community. Given that SPR is the only pediatric voice in FASEB, this was particularly important given the historical lower levels of funding to Departments of Pediatrics in US medical schools relative to other clinical departments. As will be highlighted in my upcoming Presidential Address, the importance of advocacy in promoting the vision and mission of the SPR cannot be underestimated in the current political landscape.

Finally, I would like to mention the work of our Meeting Content subcommittee in promoting several exciting presentations at the upcoming PAS meeting. Each year the SPR Meeting Content subcommittee solicits proposals from our membership in an effort to promote scientific proposals that are most valued by our members. Under the leadership of Steve Miller and Patricia Denning, this was very successful in planning for the 2013 PAS meeting. While the 2014 PAS meeting is over a year away, please be aware that we will be soliciting proposals from our membership in the near future for this meeting since planning will begin this summer. With the work of the SPR Meeting Content subcommittee and our partner societies, we hope that the annual PAS meeting will be another great opportunity for scientific exchange and collaboration.

As always, I hope this newsletter continues to be a forum to communicate the activities of the SPR and to highlight recent initiatives that are important for promoting pediatric research and the careers of physician-scientists.


David A. Ingram M.D.

Message from the Secretary/Treasurer
Thomas P. Shanely photo SPR Secretary-Treasurer
Thomas P. Shanley, MD

The SPR and its partnering societies are excited to host the 2013 PAS Annual Meeting being held in our nation's capital from Saturday, May 4 to Tuesday, May 7. As highlighted by our Meeting Content Subcommittee, who provided outstanding advice to your SPR representatives to the PAS Program Committee (Steven Miller, Mary Lee, Vidu Garg, Janet Soul, Tom Shanley, and David Ingram), SPR selected four exciting and cross-disciplinary sessions. These sessions specifically selected include:
  1. Advances in Neonatal Nutrition Affecting Neurological and Cognitive Development
  2. Dissemination and Implementation Science-Spreading Evidence from High-quality Studies across Institutions to Improve Patient Outcomes
  3. Modulating the Inflammatory Response in Critical Illness
  4. Rare Disease Registries and Biorepositories: Tools to Accelerate Translational Research
We invite you to attend these exciting sessions along with the other 70 invited science sessions that will once again provide what I believe will be another outstanding academic meeting. Of note, while we are very excited for the 2013 PAS Meeting, it is not to early to begin thinking about themes for invited science sessions for the 2014 meeting in Vancouver, BC. Any of the representatives listed above, or any of SPR's Meeting Content Subcommittee members are happy to assist with constructing sessions or advocating for them.

As we have each year, we have planned a warm welcome for our newest SPR members attending this year's Annual PAS Meeting. We hope you will join these new members along with old friends at the PAS Presidential Plenary (Saturday May 4th at 5:00 pm) that will be followed by the New Member's Reception at 6:45 p.m. This year's SPR Presidential Plenary Session will be held on Monday May 6th starting at 10:15 am, with the SPR Awards Reception to follow from 12:15 - 1 pm. The Presidential plenary will again highlight the outstanding contributions of SPR members who are being recognized with this year's awards. We extend hearty congratulations to the individual awardees.

The gathering at Washington, DC will bring your SPR Council members together for our annual spring meeting. At that time, we will be welcoming 3 new officers and 2 new representatives that were elected by you, our valued members. While the following individuals officially start their duties in the fall of 2013, they will be invited to meet their future council partners in Washington, DC. SPR's newest elected officers are: Brendan Lee, MD, PhD as Vice-President; Kate Ackerman, MD, as Secretary-Treasurer-Elect, and Anna Penn, MD, PhD as Membership Secretary-Elect. New Council members include Lisa Robinson, MD, FRCP representing Nephrology and Kimberly Stegmaier, MD representing Hematology-Oncology. Thank you to all our members who willingly agreed to run for these positions and to our membership who actively participated in this election. Congratulations to all voters on electing a tremendous slate of new officers and representatives who will share substantial breadth and depth of scholarly expertise as they continue to steer the Society's initiatives towards creating substantive value for our members.

SPR's financials remain strong on the basis of a very successful 2012 PAS Meeting and the strength of the investment portfolio that houses the Society's reserves. As we reflect on past success, we again hope for a well-attended and successful meeting in our nation's capital as meeting revenue along with your dues are our two primary sources of annual income. Such financial stability has had two important ramifications: first, we have been able to keep dues flat and second, we have been able to invest increased annual resources to successfully achieve our strategic goals-many of which are further elucidated in this spring's newsletter. Thanks to your record setting abstract submissions for the 2013 meeting, we have great expectations for the success of this year's PAS Meeting.

At this year's meeting we are again excited to be able to host the second, annual Run for Pediatric Research on beautiful Haines Point just south of the memorials. The run is again being managed in partnership with Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprise and this year is sponsored in part by National Children's Medical Center, the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We strongly encourage you to register on-line as onsite registration will be limited and at an increased fee. The registration site is at: http://raceroster.com/events/2013/1073/The-Run-for-Pediatric-Research-5K/ . In addition to meeting attendees, we will be extending a special invitation to NIH personnel to join this philanthropic run that will also be open to the Washington, DC community. Even if you do not want to participate in the run the opportunity to contribute to the Pediatric Research Foundation is available at the online site. Lastly, we are eagerly looking for volunteers who can assist with the race logistics-simply email. In addition, we hope the meeting venue provides ample social networking opportunities as attendees access the numerous cultural highlights within our Capital.

Lastly, please note that annual dues notifications will sent in late July. Please be on the lookout for that electronic notice. Dues can be paid on-line. We continue to strive to make your membership in the Society for Pediatric Research highly valuable and aim to provide resources that have a substantial impact on advancing your academic career development within the pediatric research community. To that end, we greatly appreciate your ongoing participation in the Society and timely return of your annual dues that continue to support this most critical mission.

I hope to see you all in Washington, DC!


Thomas P. Shanley, M.D.

Call for SPR Membership Applications | Deadline: June 21, 2013

The Society for Pediatric Research (SPR) welcomes you to apply for membership! The SPR exists to foster the research and career development of investigators engaged in creating new knowledge that advances the well-being of children and youth. Through our co-sponsorship of the Pediatric Academic Societies' (PAS) Annual Meeting, we provide a forum for presentation and dissemination of your innovative ideas and research. The Society actively supports the development of future pediatric scientists by sponsoring a student research-training program, supporting the SPR Fellows' Section, and recognizing outstanding research achievements in pediatrics through SPR-sponsored awards.

Apply now!

The Run for Pediatric Research

Join us: Second Annual Race in Support of Pediatric Research
Register Online
The Run for Pediatric Research
5K Fun Run/Walk | Sunday, May 5 | 7:30am
Hains Point Park, Washington, DC

Registration is $30.00 and includes a commemorative t-shirt. Secure your spot today as space is limited. Online registrations are being accepted through Thursday, May 2, 3 p.m., Eastern Time.

Onsite registrations are also being accepted Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4 through 7 p.m., Eastern Time, in the PAS Registration area of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Onsite fee is $40.00.

Transportation leaves the Washington Convention Center beginning at 6:00 a.m., Eastern Time, on Sunday morning. All participants should be at the race site no later than 7:10 a.m.

Secure Your Spot Today

Supported in part by the Children's National Medical Center
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Sponsored by the Pediatric Research Foundation on behalf of the American Pediatric Society and
Society for Pediatric Research and in joint sponsorship with Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises (DMSE, Inc.)

Important Dates to Remember

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SPR Election Results

Congratulations are extended to the following individuals who have been elected to the SPR Council:

  • Vice-President - Brendan Lee, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect - Kate Ackerman, MD
  • Membership Secretary-elect - Anna Penn, MD
  • Council: Nephrology - Lisa Robinson, MD
  • Council: Hematology/Oncology - Kimberly Stegmaier, MD
  • Continue Reading: Meet the new SPR council members

    Amendment to SPR Constitution and By-Laws Approved

    The proposed amendment to the SPR Constitution and By-Laws to increase the age of Active members by 5 years; from "less than 50" to "less than 55," thereby also changing the age of Senior members from "over the age of 50" to "over the age of 55" was passed.

    Continue Reading: the amended SPR Constitution and By-Laws

    2014 PAS

    Planning begins soon! What would you like to hear? Your input and contributions are important!
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    Pediatric Research Journal

    Pediatric Research Publishes Annual Review Issue on "Systems-Based Pediatric Research" (Vol. 73, No. 4-2 April 2013)

    Parviz Minoo, PhD; Olaf Wolkenhauer, PhD; and Susan Guttentag, MD, are the Guest Editors for this annual review issue, focusing this year on systems-based pediatric research.

    The reductionist approach remains centerpiece in experimental research. This approach has been remarkably successful in identifying key functional components of life. However, living systems are immensely complex, relying not on individual components but rather on constellations of interacting networks, each of which is complex in its own right, composed of multiple components in perpetual interactions among themselves. Even on the basis of the reductionist approach, it is difficult to imagine a molecular or biochemical factor that acts in solo, disconnected from all other interactive factors. Therefore, there has been a growing need for a new way of thinking and experimentation to elucidate the multiple interactive systems contributing to the overall physiology of a living organism [Read More from the "Introduction" to this issue]

    The Table of Contents and articles for this issue can be accessed at: http://www.nature.com/pr/index.html

    If you have problems accessing content, please email stephanie.dean@pedres.org.

    To sign up for e-alerts whenever a new issue of Pediatric Research publishes, please go to: http://www.nature.com/nams/svc/myaccount/save/alert?list_id=304

    Strategic Committee's Report

    The SPR Committees have been working hard to meet the goals outlined in the SPR Strategic Plan. Learn more about each committees' recent activities and initiatives (.pdf).

    Regional Societies' Reports

    The MWSPR, SSPR and WSPR have provided updates on their activities.
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