APS/SPR Conflict of Interest Statement

Members of our Societies and our Societies as a whole, must avoid actual or apparent conflict of interest regarding social, educational, or research activities.

As guidelines governing conflict of interest in consulting, company ownership, and research funding emerge at the institutional level, our Societies seek to promulgate similar policies as they pertain to our association and its members.

  1. Work submitted for presentation at the annual meeting must include an acknowledgment of commercial or industrial funding, consulting, or equity holdings in companies which could be affected by the results of the study. Such a statement should appear at the conclusion of the abstract and should read "funded by ..." and/or "equity in...," where pertinent.
  2. Societies are encouraged to solicit and accept funds for educational purposes. These donations will be acknowledged on a yearly basis in the description of the relevant activity in the program issue, at the site of the relevant activity, or as contributions to general educational funds. No funds will be accepted for social activities of the Societies. Awards or symposia with commercial sponsors must adhere to the educational mission of the societies, must exclude commercial involvement in the selection of awardees and program content, and must be approved by the Councils of the Societies. Related clubs, societies, symposia, etc. must adhere to similar policies.

Addendum for APA

SIGs or Regions may seek monies to support their activities. Prior to seeking these monies a brief statement shall be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer indicating the approximate amount of money being requested, the source from which the funds are being sought, and the purpose of the activity. The Secretary-Treasurer in consultation with the President and the Board Member responsible for the SIGs or regions will review the proposal and determine if the contribution is consistent with the research and education goals of the APA.

APS/SPR adopted October, 1990/APS/SPR amended April, 1992. APA adopted 1995.