APS/SPR Joint Council

Twice annually, the Councils of the APS and the SPR meet in joint session.  These meetings serve both to inform each organization’s leadership of the mission-critical activities of the other and, especially, to administer and accomplish joint initiatives of the two groups.  These joint initiatives include:
  • The annual PAS meeting: This meeting brings together organizations dedicated to pediatric research, mentoring, and training and serves as “home” to presentations from several generalist and specialist pediatric organizations;
  • The APS/SPR Student Research Program: This program funds undergraduate students to participate in summer research projects in the laboratories and clinics of APS and SPR members;
  • The Pediatric Research Foundation: Founded by the late Dr. Ralph Feigin, the Pediatric Research Foundation is dedicated to building up an endowment fund that will be used ensure the future of the two organizations and their roles in education and advocacy for academic pediatrics;
  • CEO Session at the PAS meeting: Initiated by Dr. Gary Fleisher, this annual information and discussion session brings together academic pediatricians and administrative/business leaders of children’s hospitals and related organizations to foster understanding and joint problem-solving.
Both organizations are also members of the Federation of Pediatric Organizations and the Pediatric Public Policy Council, and the Joint Council meetings provide an opportunity to discuss items and issues of mutual interest in this regard, as well.