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The special accomplishments of the APS can be summed up in the acronym "NAME". Remember it!

With its "junior partner", SPR, and several affiliated subspecialty societies, APS provides a unique venue and common ground for networking with your colleagues. Whether you concentrate on education, research, advocacy, or clinical excellence, you will meet and exchange ideas and information with your peers from around North America and the world at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting!

As North America's foremost society for academic pediatricians, APS advocates for children and families, the people and programs who define and implement best practices for their health and well-being, and the educators and trainees who ensure that tomorrow's children will have a brighter future than anything we can even imagine today. We can be found on Capitol Hill, in corporate Boardrooms, at the FDA, in schools and neighborhoods, and in the media. Sought after and authoritative, whatever kids and academic pediatricians need us to do, we are available to help.

The APS has developed, presented, and co-sponsored mentoring programs that fuel the academic pediatrics workforce pipeline for generations to come. From PAS meeting mentors to medical student research opportunities to fellowship and faculty research guidance – you name it, APS members and programs do it. Meet the Professor, get a grant critiqued, get guidance as you prepare for promotion – do it at PAS!

The APS uses its unique vantage point and experience to educate health care professionals and trainees, government officials and agencies, manufacturers of products for children, and the general public. Through our website, our meeting, our professional publications, our advocacy and media efforts, and our newsletter, we are a critically important source of reliable and cutting-edge information.