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Leadership in Academic Pediatrics Committee

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About APS Leadership in Academic Pediatrics Committeee & Terms of Reference
Date Established
Reports To
APS Council
Terms of Office
Three (3) Years, with Maximum of Two (2) Consecutive Terms
Meeting Frequency
Biannually or Quarterly, as needed to be called by the Chair and supported by an APS staff member.
Meeting Duration
Up to 60 minutes
See reference sheet
See reference sheet
By APS Council

Build leadership skills and mentor strong leaders at every phase of career development in academic pediatrics.

Functions & Responsibilities
  • Responsible for reviewing leadership sessions organized at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting and identifying those that would be beneficial for APS members seeking to learn more about issues in academic medicine, administrative practice and national initiatives and perspectives that influence clinical care, research in children's health and educational training. These sessions will be designated in the PAS Program Guide as "APS Recommended Leadership Development Sessions."
  • Work with APS staff to enhance website to provide leadership information: a) to enable the linking of interested mentors with mentees focusing on specific leadership positions, and b) to link other sites that provide information on leadership training (e.g., AMSPDC Pediatric Leadership Development Fellowship, ELAM, etc.).
  • Identify national leadership positions for which qualified APS members might serve, i.e. Dean, University President, Provost, Research Institute Director, NIH Directorships, FDA, ABP, etc.
  • Collaborate with other pediatric organizations to develop or to foster leadership coaching and mentoring.
  • Increase the number of APS members placed in key national leadership positions.
  • Identify leaders who should be nominated for membership in APS and encourage APS members and leaders throughout academic pediatrics to nominate them.

Committee Members & Terms
  • Limited to five (5) active APS members including the Chair who will be an active member of APS Council with an appointment of no less than three (3) years.
  • Membership is solicited from APS membership and include individuals who have either:
    • An interest in or formal training in leadership/coaching, and/or
    • Experience in a leadership position, i.e. Chair/Dean/Institute Director
  • In the first year of committee establishment, terms will be staggered to ensure continuity.