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The Midwest Society for Pediatric Research (MWSPR)

Abstract Submission website: https://secure.medpubinc.com/abstractapp/choose.jsp?project=MWSPR18

Deadline extended until Friday, June 15


Abstract Preparation Instructions for Formatting
1. Format abstract in a MSWord document. Abstract limit is 400 words. One figure or table may
be included and counts as 75 words.

2. Title and Authors. The title should be brief, clearly indicating the nature of the study.
CAPITALIZE ENTIRE TITLE. State all authors’ initials and last names followed by their institutional
affiliations, city, and state. BOLD presenting author only. Do not include degrees, institutional
appointments, street address or zip codes on the abstract.

3. Body. Organize the body of the abstract to include a purpose of study, methods used, summary
of results, conclusions reached, and clinical correlation. Do not skip a line between the title and
body of the abstract.

4. Abbreviations. Place nonstandard abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time
it appears. Do not use abbreviations in the abstract title.

. C Shih, K Bringelsen, The Children’s Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.
Osteosarcoma is the most serious late complication following ionizing radiation to bone in children.
The majority of secondary osteosarcomas occur following radiation of other solid tumors: Ewing’s
sarcoma . . . .

Step-by-Step Instructions for Electronic Submission:
Abstracts must conform exactly to the following instructions. Those that do not may be rejected.

1. Establish a connection to the Internet. Proceed to http://www.medpubinc.com

2. Click the link at the top of the page Submit Abstract. It will take you to the next page where you
choose the appropriate meeting for which you are submitting an abstract. Choose the meeting
of choice then “Create a New Account” or Log in as an “Existing User” if you have submitted an
abstract in the past. On the following screen click on Submit Abstract and fill out the form.

3. If you are the presenting author, be sure to include your full name and e‐mail address on the
submission form. Trainee Awards are chosen based on the presenting author information,
including rank (Junior faculty, student, fellow, or resident). Select your rank from the pull‐down
menu. Travel award qualification (student, fellow, or resident) is also determined by the
presenting author. Enter the full title of your abstract in UPPER CASE. Select the appropriate
category and if you only want to be considered for a poster. If you change the title of the
abstract from the time you fill out the submission form online to the time you upload your
abstract, please go back online and change it so that they both match. The information on the
submission form online is what will be printed in the program. You will need to do this by the
abstract deadline.

4. Have your credit card and/or purchase order number available before you begin filling out the
form. Once you have completed the entire form, including your credit card and/or purchase
order information, press the submit button. If you leave this page open too long it will time-out
and you will have to begin again. Once this is completed, you will be prompted to print a receipt
and a confirmation email will be sent that your abstract was uploaded.