E. Mead Johnson Awards for Research in Pediatrics

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Given since 1939, this award honors clinical and laboratory research achievements. Research must be related to pediatrics and published recently, perhaps coming to fruition or attaining recognition during the past few years. Two awards will be presented during the Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting. Supported by Mead Johnson Nutrition

Ophir David Klein, MD, PhD

Hillblom Distinguished Professor in Craniofacial Anomalies
Chair, Division of Craniofacial Anomalies
Medical Director, Craniofacial Center
Director, Program in Craniofacial Biology
University of California, San Francisco

Loren D. Walensky, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Attending Physician in Pediatric Oncology
Principal Investigator, Linde Program in Cancer Chemical Biology
Director, Harvard/MIT MD-PhD Program
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Boston Children’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Lecture Title: From Tooth to Guts: Epithelial Renewal and Regeneration

Dr. Klein has worked at the interface of genetics, development, and evolutionary biology to advance our understanding of stem and progenitor cells. He has pioneered the continuously-growing rodent incisor as a novel system for investigating mammalian stem cells, and his group has characterized both developmental programs regulating cell fate decisions and mechanisms underlying the formidable regenerative capacity of this organ. In addition to his innovative studies in the incisor model, Dr. Klein has made fundamental contributions to the biology of renewal in the intestine, tongue, and other organs.

Lecture Title: The Chemical Biology of Apoptosis: A Matter of Life and Death

Dr. Walensky is a chemical biologist and pediatric oncologist who pioneered the development of “stapled peptides” to dissect and target pathologic protein interactions. His group was the first to identify the biochemical on and off switches of the BCL-2 family protein BAX, a principal regulator of cellular life and death. Dr. Walensky’s multidisciplinary and translational approaches have led to the advancement of prototype therapeutics for childhood cancer, diabetes, and viral infection.