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Given in Honor of E. Mead Johnson

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Deadline: November 15, 2017
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The SPR E. Mead Johnson Award honors the foundational contributions of E. Mead Johnson (1852 - 1934) to the field of infant nutrition and child health research. Inspired by Theodore, his first-born son who suffered from a congenital heart defect and life-threatening nutrition complications, E. Mead Johnson pioneered groundbreaking research in infant nutrition. In the decades since a multitude of pediatric researchers have continued Johnson's legacy of outstanding research achievement as well as his commitment to improved infant nutrition and child health. Today E. Mead Johnson's legacy of research excellence and impact on child health continues to inspire new and established pediatric researchers alike.

The SPR E. Mead Johnson Award is the most prestigious award conferred by the SPR. Since 1939 the SPR E. Mead Johnson Award has honored outstanding clinical and laboratory pediatric research achievements continuing Johnson's legacy of advances in infant nutrition, excellence in pediatric research and commitment to child health.

We encourage you to nominate pediatric researchers with outstanding scientific accomplishments that extend the legacy of E. Mead Johnson. Investigators may be nominated by any scientific colleague including, but not restricted to, members of the Pediatric Academic Societies and chairs of pediatric departments. The nomination and selection process is directed exclusively by the Society for Pediatric Research. Award winners will be under no obligation, real or implied to Mead Johnson Nutrition.

The SPR E. Mead Johnson Award includes an honorarium, award plaque, and travel expenses to enable the recipient to present a review of research accomplishments at the PAS Meeting.

Please circulate this announcement among faculty members who may suggest appropriate nominees.

Nomination Criteria

To be eligible for the 2018 SPR E. Mead Johnson Award, nominees:
•  Must have received their first doctoral degree in 1998 or later. (Please note nominators of candidates who have interrupted their research career for two (2) or more years but who are otherwise eligible may request that the Committee waive this stipulation.)
•  Must have produced outstanding research related to pediatrics and published in recent years.
•  Members of the selection committee cannot nominate nor support any nominations.
•  Awards will be made only when there are worthy candidates.

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