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SPR Communication Committee

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About SPR Communication Committee & Terms of Reference

Date Established

July 2010

Reports To

SPR Council

Terms of Office

Term of 3 years

Meeting Frequency

Virtual meeting quarterly; yearly at PAS Meeting.

Meeting Duration

One hour


At least one half of working group present


Consensus for presentation to SPR Council


Outcome metrics will be measured by number of website visits and precentage of membership actively participating in the society.


To improve the communication among members of the SPR,  between members and the SPR Council,  and between the SPR and other pediatric organizations.


Link to Strategic Directions

  • Improve communication with membership
  • Increase opportunities for members to become involved in society activities
  • Improve service to membership


Functions & Responsibilities

  • Website revamp
  • Other forms of communication with members (e.g., newsletter)
  • Communicate with outside entities including press (link with PAS, AAP, etc.)
  • Communicate with specialty-based pediatric organizations