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About SPR Meeting Content Committee & Terms of Reference

Date Established

July 2010

Reports To

SPR Council

Terms of Office

3 Years

Meeting Frequency

Virtual meeting 3 times/year before SPR Council Meeting, Winter/Spring Program Meeting and PAS Meeting.

Meeting Duration

One hour





Promote the highest quality science at the PAS Annual Meeting.


Link to Strategic Directions

  • Increase the number of workshops at the PAS meeting relevant to the SPR membership
    • Optimize coordination of SPR Program Committee members in order to prepare PAS sessions in advance of the July meeting, with the goal of maximizing the participation by scientific leaders in pediatrics. Encourage the SPR representatives to the Program Committee to focus on recent publications that represent “game changers” in pediatrics and solicit participation in the PAS meeting by these researchers.
    • Develop two new workshops for the 2011 PAS meeting on each of the following types of research: basic science, clinical, and population-based research.
    • Email all SPR members to solicit ideas for workshop programs focused on the fundamental skills needed for research career development (e.g. grant mechanisms, grant writing, promotion mechanisms, etc).¬† Consider technical workshops that introduce broad research tools (e.g. “OMICS” sessions: genomics, proteomics, epigenomics).¬† Solicit national leaders (e.g. HHMI-investigators) to present their work at the PAS meeting and discuss how these research tools have been applied to change pediatric research.
    • Actively pursue the engagement of potential SPR members by communicating with researchers in sub-specialty areas which do not currently have a major presence at the PAS meeting and engaging these researchers in the Society and the PAS meeting
  • Increase the quality of science and visibility of the PAS meeting
    • Develop new PAS program sessions to increase the proportion of established members who present at the PAS meeting.
    • Survey SPR members to identify perceived barriers to attendance and presentation at the PAS meeting.
    • Increase the visibility of the PAS meeting by assessing the effectiveness of the new media relations program over the next two years.
    • Develop interactive forum and workshops to promote cross-disciplinary and cross-subspecialty research¬†