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SPR Member Engagement Committee

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About SPR Member Engagement Committee & Terms of Reference

Date Established

July 2010

Reports To

SPR Council

Terms of Office

3 Years

Meeting Frequency

Virtual meeting every 8 weeks.

Meeting Duration

One hour


Fifty precent and one of working group membership


By consensus – in the absence of consensus, at least 2/3 of present members


Determined through bi-annual surveys of random membership samples to determine their subjective level of engagement, number of members attending the PAS/SPR meeting and number of subspecialty organizations that liaise formally with SPR.


The member engagement working group will be responsible for prioritizing and implementing strategies and tactics – developed during the strategic planning process – in order to improve the membership experience and get more members engaged in SPR activities.

Liaison With

  • Other working groups – communications, advocacy, mentoring, philanthropy/finance, scientific content
  • PAS, especially APA
  • Subspecialty groups

Link to Strategic Directions

  • Increase value to members
  • Financial stability

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Increase opportunities for members to become involved in society activities
  • Improve service to membership
  • Increase number of new members attending meeting
  • Increase subspecialty engagement


At least one co-chair must be an active member of the SPR Council.