Young Investigator Coaching Program

The SPR Young Investigator Coaching Program (YICP) provides the opportunity for early-career investigators conducting child health research to receive mentoring from established national leaders in related research fields. The program began in 2012 with the goal of matching mentors and mentees at different institutions to facilitate career and research guidance for mentees seeking to broaden their mentoring exposure. Since that time, the program has been a great success with increasing numbers of applicants for the six coaching positions offered annually.

Mentors and mentees speak on a regular basis (typically quarterly) and meet in person annually at the PAS Meeting. The relationship runs under the auspices of the YICP for three years, but members of the inaugural class report continued mentoring contact on a more informal basis beyond the required YICP commitment. Mentor-mentee discussions focus on issues important to the mentee, but are meant to take advantage of the research, professional, and leadership experience of the mentor. In particular, issues related to career advancement that may be difficult to discuss at a mentees' home institution can be addressed objectively by the YICP mentor.

In addition to fostering mentor-mentee introductions and relationships, the YICP provides limited financial support for mentees and mentors to attend the PAS Meeting in the first year of the award, and career development opportunities at PAS for all past and current YICP mentees and mentors.

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