APS/SPR Shared Vision & Governance

Although APS and SPR are separate societies with different goals and members, they are joined together through a shared vision, goal, and several governing mandates and councils.

APS/SPR's shared vision is to promote advances in pediatric health with sustained and lifelong improvements in human wellbeing through excellence and innovation in pediatric research and scholarship. We will support and mentor young investigators to achieve academic excellence, and recognize high levels of accomplishment. We firmly believe that all children should receive evidence-based and compassionate care so that they can lead healthy and productive lives.

Our shared goals are to provide scholarships and mentor young investigators to perform innovative basic science, clinical, translational, and epidemiologic research in order to develop their academic careers and translate new knowledge into safe and efficient advances in healthcare. We will strongly advocate for disease prevention and elimination of health disparities, and act to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in academic pediatrics and in pediatric health care.