Database of Optimizing Outreach in Research (D.O.O.R.)

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What is D.O.O.R.?

D.O.O.R is a database of APS/SPR membership research interests and expertise to help enhance membership interaction at the PAS annual meeting, promote initiation of research interest groups, foster collaborations, and provide a mentoring network for early-career clinicians and scientists.
This database will enable members to seek out and contact colleagues with shared interests or desired expertise, thereby promoting the initiation of research interest groups and collaborations.

How Does D.O.O.R. Help Me?

Become immediately accessible for:

  • new collaborations, interest groups, and research networks
  • requests for your unique experise in manuscript and grant reviews, advisory roles, and multiple APS/SPR activities

Gain INSTANT ACCESS TO THE EXPERTISE of research colleagues that will enable you to:

  • seek advice about new research areas
  • develop new research strategies
  • plan meetings for PAS with colleagues of shared interests

    Establish an SPR mentoring program using D.O.O.R. to match SPR members with members of the Fellows and Junior faculty section.

How Do I Use D.O.O.R.?

HELP BUILD THE DATABASE: Enter your interests and area(s) of expertise

  1. Go to the APS/SPR website, enter the Member’s Section with your secure personal password, and select the DOOR.
  2. Select the Major Subject Headings relevant to your interests and expertise, view the Topics List, and indicate the topics pertinent to your research.  Doing so links your name and email address with the topic.  You can also provide a link to the website for your research program.
  3. Please recognize that the Major Subject Headings and topics were chosen to facilitate the rapid identification of a reasonable number of specific research items across the broad scope of pediatric research.  If you are having difficulty identifying a particular term that is pertinent to your expertise or interest, please choose one that is listed that closely approximates that term. You may also want to look at the overall alphabetical list that includes all topics in one list. In addition, suggestions for improvements to the DOOR can be provided here.
  4. Once a year you will also receive an email request to update your interest and expertise entries.

ACCESS AND SEARCH: Find the interests and expertise of your APS/SPR colleagues

  1. Simply visit the D.O.O.R search page
  2. Select the Major Subject Heading and Topic you wish to query query or select “Any topic” to view all colleagues within a subspecialty.
  3. Gain immediate access to the names, email addresses and websites of colleagues with that interest and expertise.
  4. IN ADDITION, you will gain immediate access to: their PUBLICATIONS via PUBMED and NIH RePORTER.