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  Clinical Cases

Call for Abstract Submissions
Submissions Begin: 1-Nov-2017
Submission Deadline: 8-Jan-2018 @ 11:59 PM EST

Session for Residents and Fellows

Clinical Case Competition

The Eastern Society for Pediatric Research is conducting its 30th Annual Meeting in 2018. We are happy to announce that back after last year’s great success is the lunch time Clinical Case Competition Session. We are soliciting interesting clinical cases from residents and fellows. Three of these clinical cases will be selected for presentation during the lunch time lecture on Saturday, March 17, 2018. This year we are asking that cases be submitted to the ESPR Scholar One Website (https://esprm18.abstractcentral.com/). Under Step 1 of “Submission Type” cases can be submitted using the Case Presentation template. This template allows one to upload the entire case narrative in addition to digital images. One can also upload the entire case as a Word document.

The fellows chosen to present their interesting case will also be the discussant for one of the other fellow’s cases. Each fellow will present his/her case and then be a discussant for a different case. The case will be sent to the fellow after selection.

Format for Competition

1. The resident or fellow will have 10 minutes to present the clinical case using PowerPoint. The case may be an atypical presentation of a common disease or an unusual disease. The case must be solvable using the information presented. The resident or fellow should present a comprehensive history, physical examination, laboratory tests and/or radiographs. The best cases are presented in an organized and logical manner such that a very good pediatrician could determine the final diagnosis. The discussant fellow should have a reasonable opportunity to solve the case.

2. Clinical cases MUST be submitted by 11:59pm EST on January 3, 2018 to be considered. Clinical Cases should be written using Microsoft Word, font size 11 or larger, double spaced, one inch margins, and with a maximum of 1000 words. Each case should include the history of present illness, pertinent past medical and family history (include only information that is relevant to the evaluation or final diagnosis), vital signs, physical examination and any laboratory results. One picture or radiograph may also be submitted. A separate page should be submitted with the final diagnosis. All images and ECGs should be submitted in digital format WITHOUT interpretations. This year we are asking that cases be submitted to the ESPR ScholarOne Website. Select the “Submission" tab then click "Create a New Submission". Choose Clinical Case. NOTE: There is a fee of $35 per submission. If there are questions about submission please contact the Planning Committee Chair Mark Cicero at mark.cicero@yale.edu.

3. If chosen for presentation, the resident/fellow will be contacted by the Planning Committee Chair (Kirsten Bechtel) in mid January. These three authors will be invited to present their case and be a discussant at the ESPR meeting on Saturday, March 25th in Philadelphia. Power point presentations of the Clinical Case and discussant presentations MUST be submitted to Mark Cicero at mark.cicero@yale.edu by February 26, 2018. The power point presentations from the resident/fellow and corresponding discussants will be combined into one presentation to assist with timing of the lunch lecture. All presentations MUST keep to the 10 minute time limit.
12:00-12:10pm: resident/fellow presentation of Case One
12:10-12:20pm: resident/fellow discussion of Case One
12:20-12:30pm: resident/fellow presentation of Case Two
12:30-12:40pm: resident/fellow discussion of Case Two
12:40-12:50pm: resident/fellow presentation of Case Three
12:50-1:00pm: resident/fellow discussion of Case Three

4. Posters: Because not all meeting attendees will be able to attend the lunch time lecture, the resident/fellow will also bring a poster for displaying their Clinical Case. No information should be presented that was not originally submitted or presented during the lunch lecture. This will allow other attendees to review and learn from the Clinical Cases and attempt to determine the final diagnosis. The final diagnosis should NOT be printed on the posters.

5. The final diagnosis will be revealed on Sunday morning during the award session.