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1. Full membership will be limited to individuals who hold faculty positions at the time of their nomination at the various pediatric teaching institutions in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Pennsylvania, as well as the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada. Members who subsequently move from the defined geographic area may maintain active membership status.

2. Affiliate membership will be limited to individuals who do not hold faculty positions at the time of their nomination (e.g., research associates, staff scientists, nurse practitioners, research nurses, etc.) but who hold full-time academic positions, who have been awarded post-graduate degrees (Masters, MD and/or PhD) and who otherwise meet all criteria for full membership, as noted in Sec. 1 and 6.

3. Junior section membership will be offered to individuals pursuing pediatric fellowship or residency training in an accredited program and to faculty within three years of fellowship. Junior section members interested in full membership may subsequently submit an updated application showing evidence of ongoing research activity.

4. Emeritus membership will be limited to those individuals who are officially "retired" or have reached their 65th birthday by the time of the annual meeting. Emeritus membership may be granted at the request of the individual or at the discretion of the Council. Emeritus members shall not vote or hold office.

5. Privileges of Members in Good Standing

  • Members may sponsor abstract communications to the Society's annual meeting.
  • Active members may vote at the annual business meeting of the Society.
  • Active members (except those on Council or who hold office in the MWSPR) may nominate individuals to membership in the Society.
  • Active full members are eligible to hold offices in the Society.

6. Application for Membership
Each applicant must be nominated and seconded by an active member of the Society who are neither officers nor members of the Council and whose dues are in good standing. The nominator shall complete an application form distributed by the Secretary. The nominee must have made a scientific contribution, as documented by first or senior authorship of at least one published paper in a refereed scientific journal and evidence of ongoing research activity. A copy of at least one such publication should be submitted along with the two letters of recommendation and current curriculum vitae that includes a bibliography and review of academic activities. If a candidate is a member of the national Society for Pediatric Research and/or American Pediatric Society, a letter from the candidate indicating desire for membership and a current curriculum vitae will be sufficient. Candidates for junior section membership should submit an application endorsed by their program director or department chair. All applications will be reviewed and voted on at the annual Council meeting.

7. Annual meetings will be held at a location selected by the Executive Committee within the geographic region defined under #1. The annual meeting will include a general membership business meeting as well as a meeting of the Council.

8. The term of office for Secretary and Treasurer shall be 5 years and the terms of the two positions shall overlap. The Secretary will attend all meetings of the Council and general membership and record all proceedings of the meetings. The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings to the members. The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the Society and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall also disburse the funds of the Society as directed by the Council and render an annual financial report to the Society.

9. The President shall serve for one year and shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the MWSPR presiding over the Council meetings and annual business meetings. This person shall also serve as the Chief Executive of the Program Committee for the annual meetings. This person shall be responsible for processing applications for new members and distributing them for review by the Council prior to its annual meeting.

10. The President Elect shall serve for one year and shall assist the president in any way. This person shall automatically assume the presidency at the end of his term.

11. The Junior Member Section shall have a President and a President-Elect elected by the section members. The term of office of both positions will be one year with the President-Elect ascending to the office of the President after one year. The junior section President and President-Elect may participate in Council meetings as non-voting members. If the junior section President or President-Elect relinquishes the position for any reason, a special election will be held to select a new President or President-Elect to serve the remaining part of the year.

12. Resignation
Any officer or Council member may resign at any time. Such resignation shall be made in writing and shall take effect at the time specified therein or if no time is specified at the time of its receipt by the President or Secretary.

13. Committees

  • Nominations Committee: This committee will consist of the three immediate past presidents of the Society. The Chairman of this committee will be the most immediate past president. This committee will nominate a slate of officers and Council members for election at the annual meeting.
  • Program Committee: The Program Committee for the annual meeting shall consist of the four officers of the Society.

14. Dues
Yearly dues will be assessed at a rate set by the Council of the Society at the annual meeting. Dues must be paid in full by the time of the annual meeting. Dues in arrears for two consecutive years will result in the automatic deletion of any member from the roles of the Society. Reinstatement of members terminated for nonpayment of dues shall occur only after payment of dues for the two years they were in arrears plus the dues of the fiscal year in which the former member seeks reinstatement. There are no dues for the junior section members.

15. A quorum at all duly constituted meetings of the Society or Council shall consist of those members who are present at the time of such meetings.

16. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Society will be from November 1 to October 31.

17. Amendments
An amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws may be submitted in writing to the Secretary or proposed at the annual business meeting of the Society. The proposed amendment will be distributed in writing to the membership prior to the subsequent annual meeting and shall then be presented for a vote at that annual meeting. Amendments must have the support of 75% of the members present at the annual meeting.

18. Abstract Selection
Abstracts for presentation shall be selected by an equitable method determined by the President and Council of the Society. The method of selection shall be a matter of public record. Data in the abstracts, at the time of its submission, must not have been presented at any previous national meetings.

Revised: October 2015; October 2016